About Us

Our Community, Our Schools is a coalition of parents; community members, activists and leaders; organizations and faith-based groups that opposes the proposal to turn Dallas Independent School District into a Home Rule Charter District and believes the following:

  • A real, sustainable plan to help raise student achievement should be developed with input from parents, educators and members of our community.
  • That plan should be rooted in proven methods that we know lead to better outcomes for all students.
  • The proponents of Home Rule Charter Schools (HRC) have failed to offer a research-based plan to improve student achievement.
  • The HRC initiative was conceived in secrecy by a small group of wealthy backers and continues to be shrouded in mystery.
  • In an HRC School District, there are no guarantees of safeguards that preserve class size limits, due process for students, parents and educators, and full local public accountability and input.

Our Community, Our Schools supports research-based solutions, like:

  • Caps that keep class sizes small so that teachers can provide individualized support and instruction to their students.
  • Early childhood education programs that nurture learning and social development.
  • Increased training and engagement opportunities for parents to become involved in their child’s education.
  • Strong neighborhood-based schools that address the multifaceted needs of modern learners.
  • Schools that provide wraparound services to meet the social, emotional and health needs of students and their families.

Our Voices Matter. . .

  • We know from experience that crisis-driven solutions often signal the end of democratic ownership of our neighborhood schools.
  • The governance structures of our school district and our schools should provide space for genuine input and decision-making by parents, educators and students.
  • Corporate-style interventions—like those promoted by billionaire outsider John Arnold—put profits before students and create a system where there are winners and losers. All our children are winners.